Celebrating 10 Years | 2006-2016

10 years

Today, March 20, 2016, marks 10 years that Joker Web Hosting has been in business. Over the years Joker Web Hosting has always stayed true to it’s original mission, dedication to providing top notch customer service at a competitive price.  Only a few know the origins of the company, so today I would like to share that with everyone.

Around 2005 the founder of Joker Web Hosting, Mike Johnson (me), became heavily involved in the administration of a vBulletin based forum, www.s10planet.com. In 2006 I was given ownership of the forum and took over paying the bills. This included the monthly website hosting fee. At the time I was very new to the web hosting industry but thought, hey I could do this. The website was hosted by an amazing web hosting provider, Cafaro Tech. The owner David in a way took me under his wing and taught me many things that I think at the time he didn’t even realize.

A few months into 2006 and many conversations later with David I decided to start hosting S10 Planet under my own business. David gave advice on selecting the new sever setup and even assisted with the transfer from his server to my new setup. At that time Joker Web Hosting was born all out of the need for a “business name” on an order form. As a kid growing up I was always into technology/computers and used the name Joker as a handle for many different online games/ICQ/chat. I was a Batman fan after all.

The website ran for a few months on the Joker Web Hosting setup without any issues. Then one morning around 3AM the website was turned off by the server provider. At the time, Joker Web Hosting was only a reseller of web hosting space from another web hosting company. The “unlimited” plan wasn’t so unlimited after all. I immediately contacted the web hosting provider to find out that the website was turned off due to the number of CPU cycles it was consuming within a 60 second interval. What a joke I thought. The website was shut down because of some fine print of an unlimited hosting package.

This brought on a new mindset and new direction for Joker Web Hosting. Within 24 hours the first dedicated server was leased directly from a data center. The goal was to provide customer service that was second to none and honesty for a reasonable price. With the new flexibility of having full control over the server hardware, Joker Web Hosting could tailor solutions based on the customer’s requirements. This meant no need in scamming customers with the idea of an unlimited package that really wasn’t unlimited. If the customer needed 350 gigabytes of space for storage we could provided that without shutting them down due to the fine print.

Our primary focus has always been website hosting. Over time, the services provided by Joker Web Hosting have expanded to website design, domain name registration, search engine optimization, social media marketing, IT consulting and more. With this tool kit of services, Joker Web Hosting supports clients in 25 states and 3 countries outside of the US. The future is very bright for us.

All of this has been made possible by our loyal customers!

Thank you,

Mike Johnson

Owner, Joker Web Hosting