Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Joker Web Hosting was started in March of 2006 in Lexington, KY. Our headquarters is still located in Lexington.
Yes. We have a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our web hosting packages.
Free trials can be setup for any user wishing to test our services. Please contact us for more information.
All accounts are provisioned within 24 hours. Most accounts are setup within 1 hour or less. Other factors may play a role in the time it takes for you to see everything online. One example is when a new domain is registered it takes time for the DNS information to replicate globally.
We accept most major credit cards, PayPal and checks.
Discounts on bulk orders depend on the quantity of services purchased. Please contact our sales team if you think your order may qualify for a discount.
We started as a web hosting company and continue to thrive in that service. We have grown to include website design, search engine optimazation, domain name registration, SSL certificates and IT consulting.
The easiest way to get in touch with us is to utilize our Contact page. Depending on your account type you may be assigned an Account Manager who you can contact directly for VIP level support.

Shared Hosting

In Shared Web Hosting, multiple clients are hosted on a single server i.e. the clients share the server's resources. This helps reduce the cost, since the cost of the server and its resources are spread over all the clients/packages hosted on the server. Shared Hosting is perfect for personal websites, small and mid-sized businesses that do not require all the resources of a server.
Yes! Our Startup, Small Business and Enterprise shared hosting plans allow you to host more than one Website, by adding secondary domains through your hosting control panel i.e. cPanel.
Yes, all our Hosting packages come with Email Hosting.
Yes, you can easily upgrade to one of our higher plans at any time.
Yes, your data is a 100% secure and is backed-up every 5 days.
Yes, all our servers are protected by Clam AV.
No, at the moment, we do not provide ssh access. However, most of the tasks can be easily achieved using your Hosting Control Panel - cPanel.

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