WordPress WooCommerce Setup

WooCommerce Setup New/Existing Site

Installation of WooCommerce: The first step is to actually get WooCommerce up and running so that we can dig in. We'll take care of installing WooCommerce and the initial plugin setup.
Configure Settings: We'll help you configure the basic settings including payment gateway (Paypal and/or Authorize.net), one currency and tax, emails, and shipping (up to 3 classes).
Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking Setup: Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking allows you to analyze how your store's performance. You'll have this setup from day 1 so that you don't miss a thing.
Product and WooCommerce Pages Setup: The appearance of your store matters. WooCommerce default styling out of the box probably isn't going to give you the look you're after. We update the styling of your store so that it matches the look and feel of your site.


Installation of WooCommerce

Configure Settings

Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking Setup

Product and WooCommerce Pages Setup

How it works

Gather Details

We will then contact you to get website details along with WordPress administrator access to your site.


We will get to work setting up WooCommerce/creating eCommerce magic.


Once complete, we will contact you with a summary of the work that was completed.

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